Summer Goods: H&M

As most of you all probably know the first H&M in Houston opened at the end of May. The first time I went I have to admit I was not that impressed...mainly because there was a swarm of people (which was expected but still annoying) and the fact that everything I did like was already picked over or only had one size left. I decided to go back on a Wednesday morning right when it opened and it was a completely different experience. Since hardly anyone was there I actually got to SEE the merchandise for the first time and they had also restocked a lot of their items. I ended up picking out an AMAZING mint green high low hem sweater, a tropical beach cover up (which I am definitely going to also wear as a sheer top), a basic yellow over-sized tank, and an adorable pink and silver sequin clutch. I am very happy with my purchases and will definitely be going back for the new fall collection in August.


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