New Fashion Items: H&M + Forever 21

My arm candy has been really on point this month I must say and I definitely try and post mine on Instagram when I get the chance. I truly believe every girl should have a statement watch (whether it ranges from ASOS to MK) because it just instantly pulls an outfit together and makes it look super polished.
 I decided to pick up these beauties from Charlotte Russe for a steal at $30 (I KNOW lol). Other sites like Steve Madden and J. Crew have picked up on this trend as well but I always choose to go with the cheaper version when I am just starting out with a new trend and I am positive I will be buying more.

Lastly, as I'm sure you can all tell my blog is officially complete. I have literally been working on  bringing my blog to this final stage for over a year and I am so proud of it and excited to see where it takes me in the future. Fashion, along with dance, has always been my true passion and I'm so glad I finally took the initiative to get things started so I can do what I love to do.



  1. Wow great style and blog!
    Now following you, would love if you followed back:)

  2. I fell in live with the cap toe shoe as well and purchased them in the same color as well as black


  3. Really in love with that first blouse and the pleather skirt! Loving your nail polish too



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