Top 3 Lipstick Picks for Summer

Summer lipsticks are a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit and give yourself that bit of sophistication. My top three picks so far this summer (in no particular order) are: "Siren" by Revlon, "Girl About Town" by MAC, and "Ruby Woo" by Mac. 

"Siren" is a gorgeous coral color with a great orange tone that gives you a fresh glow and youthful look. I love pairing this color with neutrals since it is a very "in your face" color. The more girly favorite of mine is "Girl About Town" which is a very popular color {and rightfully so} because it is literally the PERFECT shade of fuchsia in a lipstick that I have ever seen. It has blue undertones in it so it won't overwhelm your outfit and is just such a fun color to wear.

My absolute favorite of the three though is of course the infamous "Ruby Woo" which is by far that classic red color that can work for all skin-tones. Whether you're going on a hot date or to a formal event, this amazing shade of red will be sure to add that perfect touch of class to your outfit and make you the standout of the crowd.



  1. Literally considering going off to buy "Girl About Town" now! I think if I bought it I would never take it off! Thanks for this great post, know what lipstick I'm buying next!


  2. Girl About Town & Ruby Woo are my top 2! I can't explain what Ruby Woo does to my face; it's like an instant lift, even without any other make up.


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