Day/Night Outfits

Day/Night Outfits

Fall has honestly become one of my favorite seasons for fashion. There are so many different combinations you can put together (e.g. shorts and chunky sweaters) that aren't practical in summer when it's blazing hot or winter when it's super chilly and cold.

Lace shorts paired with a bright, bold chunky sweater is a perfect daytime fall outfit, especially when paired with some great ankle booties. For night...throwing on a tough leather jacket (of if you're like me...faux leather) over a sexy bandage dress is a great option and you can complete the look by throwing on a pair of statement heels and earrings.

Day/Night Outfit 2
DAY OUTFIT: Topshop Tea Blouse//Zara Mini Skort//Michael Kors Leopard Flats//Asos Boater Hat//Burberry Women's Gold Watch//Kenzo Round Sunglasses//

NIGHT OUTFIT: Chelsea Silk Top//Etro Printed Cropped Trousers//Christian Louboutin "Bianca"//Miu Miu Leather Clutch//Sabine Statement Necklace//

The second reason for my new appreciation for fall is the fact that you can still incorporate your summer pieces into your daily style. Down here in the great state of Texas our afternoon weather is still in the 80's for the most part so a cute mini skort and tee with a pair of relaxed flats is a great option. If it's colder where you live then just throw on a cute cardigan to make it more fall appropriate.

For night...a silk top in a rich color and bold, printed pants are a great match along with a pair of neutral heels. Again, if it is colder where you live, a black blazer will instantly make this outfit even more polished and add some warmth.  


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